Our Endangered Values, America’s Moral Crisis By Jimmy Carter

My mother in law, a self described liberal, for Christmas gave me this book. I just completed reading this book within the past 24 hours.

This book is a 2005 attack on the Southern Baptist Church; Carter has publicly and in the book has disavowed the church of his youth and adult life.

In the book on pg. 67 he states “One of my Christian heroes is Dr. Jimmy Allen, the last moderate president of the Southern Baptist Convention.”
This explains his assault on fundamentalism, conservatives, Christian Conservatives and the like.

His book details, in his mind, all his successes from 1980-1984 as President and how the present occupants in Congress and the White House have ruined all he established as President. Carter is proud to point that not one individual’s blood was shed during war while he was President. He conveniently forgets to mention that we had hostages held in Iran while he cowered in the White House. His only attempt to rescue the hostages was a botched helicopter crash in a sand storm.

Carter is concerned about the energy crisis and what he perceives as a deficit with Republicans on energy. He forgets about the long gas lines and his failed attempt to led through the energy crisis during his term as President.

In the book he says that the Iraq war was not necessary, that Saddam Hussein was not a threat and Carter is attempting to become the voice for the anti war.

If you’re a liberal and need a source to confirm your thoughts, then this is the book for you. If you’re not a liberal don’t waste your time or money, unless you want to know how bad the liberals twist truth or reality.

I am glad that I read it, I am also thankful that I didn’t purchase it. Thanks to Brian’sBlog Mother in Law.

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7 Responses

  1. Dave Oatney says:

    Have you had any success trying to convert your mother-in-law?

  2. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    Your screed against Pres. Carter’s book is not surprising nor is your methodology of using broad black/white mischaracterizations. What has happened in the SBC is nothing less than the mixing of the things of God with the things of Caesar. I have stopped going to church largely because of this. The ‘liberal’ churches do not preach the Gospel while conservative churches do all but preach the sainthood of Pres. Bush. The Evangelical church today has simply become the grass roots tier of the GOP; a tool for crass political power much like the medieval Church of Rome.
    After all the crimes of Nixon and the pardon deal of Ford. Pres. Carter was a man whose honor and honesty was, and still is above reproach. That can not be said about any of his successors. Reagan lied about Iran-Contra (a program/policy that big does not happen without the boss’ knowledge and consent. I was in the Army long enough to learn how both the chain of command and plausible deniability worked.), Clinton lied about Monica (millions of dollars spent/wasted investigating that and no one died) and Pres. Bush lied and continues to lie about Iraq. Saddam was not in any way shape or form a threat that rose to the threshold of ‘clear and present danger.’ I knew that when the statue fell and no WMDs were found. There are certain protocols that WMDs operate under. They fall into three broad categories: Safety, Reliability, and Security. You simply can not make mistakes with them. In many ways it’s like having a loaded gun in a house that is filled to the rafters with small children. It can be done but even the potential of mistakes can not be tolerated. If Saddam had had anything, anything at all we would have tripped over them on the way to Baghdad. They would not have been hidden so well we could not have found them when the war was over. If they were hidden that well then even the Iraqi forces couldn’t have found them to use them. This goes to safety and reliability issues to say nothing of security. We would have found something, some evidence, some smoking gun – we found nothing, nothing at all. All we got was a lot of BS excuses, more lies and a continuingly changing rational for why we invaded Iraq.
    When it comes to twisting the truth or reality nothing, nothing beats the present administration or its conservative (which really isn’t conservative) agenda. Take your blinders off – we, liberal and conservative, are being lied to.

  3. 1138 says:

    I was there and the helicopter crashed from it’s own kick up of the sand and it flew into our C-130.
    There was no sandstom at the Desert One site where my friends died.

    MAny of us were unhappy about how smiling jimmy handled things, but not nearly as mad as Raygun selling the Iatolah parts and weapons.

    Mr. Carter is correct about the loss of direction of the SBC, and much of evangelical America in general.
    We have lost Christs message of love – the one weapon that can bring down all tyrants and deamons.

    I see you are a big fan of Fox news – the same network that brought and continues to bring America “Married with Chidlern” and whole host of bad values on one hand on the other pretending to play the moral ground.

    Sad my friend sad, place your anger properly and put your heart ahead of your fist – in all things.

  4. Dave,

    Some things are just near to impossible. lol

    She was a self described liberal when I met my wife 20 years ago and will remain one I believe forever.

  5. I will respond to Steve as I get caught up from Spring Break. A quote from Ronald Reagan that is ringing in my ear, at this moment tough is

    “A leader once convinced a particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it and be undaunted when the going gets tough.”

    Need I remind all of you, the liberal Democrats in Congress supported and voted for the war.Our Congressman in TN 2nd District didn’t vote for the war. But now that were there, we must see it to the end and support our troops. Don’t you think?

  6. 1138,

    The point is. people died under Jimmy Carter. We weren’t at “war” but having our people held against their will, we should have been, don’t you think?

    Iran knew what was going to happen with Reagan he wasn’t the weak kneeed leader that Jimmy Carter was. That is why they were released as Reagan was taking over.

  7. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    I disagree. Not only should we have not gone into Iraq, once there we screwed it up to the point that victory (regardless of how defined) will not be had. Continued presence will only kick the can further down the street. “Stay the course” sounds good and Pres. Reagan’s quote is also a good but the game is up and slogans and quotes aren’t going to change it. Sometimes you just have to walk away.
    As for the Liberal Dems that voted for the war – well, it was that or be branded unpatriotic, cowardly and so on and I think it was cowardly to vote for the war to avoid those labels and I have to congragulate Rep. Duncan for having the courage to buck the trend and unfortunately I don’t live in a district where I can work to elect a Democrat, Liberal alternative.