Superintendent’s Proposed Budget Is Tweaked Tonight

This evening at the Knox County School Board budget hearing, the Superintendent changed his budget proposal to reflect input from board members and staff. The changes include:

Reducing the Teacher Reallignment by $1.3 million from $2.3 to a $1.0 million dollar reduction from the budget.

Eliminate the $400,000.00 reduction in Middle School foreign language program.
(Instead of Middle School foreign language at selected middle schools, implement a foreign language pilot project in 3 elementary schools)

Now include the following reductions not in the previous Superintendent recommendation.

Transportation budget – reduce $500,000.00 (nothing specific was discussed except that the new GPS system installed this past year, will help to identify reductions.)

$1.2 million in additional reductions. (debt service, consolidate and close some small schools, these small schools have enrollment of 102 and 115 with continued declining enrollment, contracted services, supplies/materials, non-teaching personnel)

This brings the Superintendent’s recommendation to $326, 500,000.00

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