This Should Have NEVER occurred

From this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel and this from Volunteer TV.

Apparently, a young middle school girl was in a Holston Middle School health class and KPD (Knoxville Police Department) comes into the class to talk about DUI and the danger of Driving Under the Influence. As they show pictures of accidents. A picture flashes up of the death scene of the girls father.

The problem is NO one really pays for this incompetence. When KPD or the school district pay out the $800,000.00 the family is asking for, it is OUR tax money not KPD or the school district’s money. Whoever put these pictures together needs to have researched the case and if there was a question, don’t use it. The individual responsible needs to be relieved of their position and the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for incompetence.

Why can’t they swap pictures with Texas or California so as not to have this type of incident occur in the first place. Guilt has been admitted by suspending the program and providing a home bound teacher.

My thoughts and prayers are with this young girl.

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