My Beef With Other Blogs

Adam Groves at Simply I has an excellent post. I try not to “ditto” other individuals post. However, I have participated in and watched the blogosphere for the past 15 months. The one criticism that I have is bloggers that want to remain anonymous.

I respect any blogger that reveals their identity, Some that come to mind are Adam, Rob Huddleston of Voluntary Conservative, John Brown of High Country Conservative, Bill Hobbs, VA/Commonwealth conservative, Michael Silence etc..

My point is this, bloggers that have enough intestinal fortitude to put it out there, knowing that their identity is on the line have far more credibility than those that want to remain anonymous. When I look at a blog and the person is a coward that refuses to reveal who they are. I ignore them and tell others to ignore them, they have NO credibility.

If you are going to spend your time to affect public opinion and public policy then be man or woman enough to identify yourself.

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