This Story Does Nothing, But

This story does nothing, but set Knoxville back about 50 years. Madame Mayor Madeline promised a City of  tolerance for all. Instead she has created in 6 weeks a City of tolerance unless you have an opinion that contradicts the politically correct. 

The Senator and his party went to Latitude 35 where they were welcomed and served a nice lunch. So, now we know why the Bistro by the Bijou only has the courthouse crowd for lunch Monday – Friday. They are too lazy to walk to Market Square. 
As for those times when I am downtown for lunch. You will find me at The Lunchbox. It is located on the first floor of the U S Bank Building at 607 Market Street. 

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3 Responses

  1. Liberals who think freedom of speech only applies to those who agree with them make me sick!

    I will NEVER eat at the Bistro again. The Constitution applies to ALL Americans…not just liberals or left wingers! Whether you like someone's opinion or not they have the right to say it!

    I don't like a lot of things left wingers say…but I don't ban them from any place which I own or control! That is middle school level tactics and is exactly what MLK Jr. fought in the 60's.

    I hope Knoxvillians of ALL walks of life stand up for Campfield's right to speak his opinion no matter how much they dislike what he says…anything else is total HYPOCRACY!

  2. Brian Paone says:

    The Red-Headed Stepchild can say any idiotic thing he likes. It's a free country.

    Conversely, civilized society is entitled to their opinion of said idiotic things – and frankly, I think it's depressing that Campfield's district chose to not only elect an individual that's clearly clueless about a rather serious public health issue, but also chose to elect an individual that is far too pig-headed to admit they were wrong.

    How are we, as a nation, supposed to stay competitive, pay the bills and get our work done if the people we're electing to handle these tasks are so blatantly and willfully ignorant of ANY kind of fact, let alone facts concerning such a serious topic as HIV?

  3. Ricky Buel says:

    You would think with all of the media attention that the Bistro tossed an AIDs patient from the dining facility. Can you imagine the fire storm if a dining establishment refused to seat an individual with AIDs?

    I've marked the Bistro off my list, in my opinion, it's not safe to eat there anymore. Maybe the health department will take another look and see if it is.