Governor Phillip Bredesen on TennCare

In 2002 Bredesen toured the State of Tennessee as a conservative democrat candidate that was the health care manager/guru that could and would fix TennCare. He was elected for the sole purpose of fixing TennCare, because that was the primary issue that he and Congressman Hilleary talked about in the campaign. So, what has the health care guru/manager accomplished in his fix for TennCare.

In 2003 he formed an advisory committee that resulted in No reform.

In 2004 he passed two pieces of legislation. He appeared with State Senator Tommy Kilby in the Senator’s district and said “Senator Kilby and I are fixing TennCare”. Senator Kilby’s district in some counties have more than 95% of its residents on TennCare.

In 2005 what was the fix that Phillip had for the citizens on TennCare? His answer; He takes away the medication that is keeping so many people alive, and burdens them with a heavy financial burden that the middle income and working poor are unable to absorb. Is this the kind of conservative, compassionate Governor that our State elected? Is this the kind of healthcare manager/guru that our state hired? A healthcare manager/guru Governor that would burden thousands of its citizens, with an unattainable reponsibility.

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