Breaking NEWS RIP – Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings according to ABC this evening has passed on…..Peter Jennings made ABC News a leader in national news reporting.

I am loyal to specific news shows, locally I watch WVLT TV Channel 8, while Peter Jennings was on the anchor desk I always watched ABC. He handled the 2000 election returns, better than anybody else. He could adlib better than anybody in the business. He survived and overcame obstacles, like not graduating high school.

Since Peter left in April, I have watched Bob Schaeffer on CBS, more than the others. I refused to watch Rather.

I have not found a real home for national news, I watch Fox News during the day and evening especially on breaking news, however, I typically watch a national news show at 6:30 pm.

Peter Jennings, God Speed, You made a difference. The Good do die Young. To the next generation, stay in school, and don’t smoke.

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