Knox Republican Chairman Position Gains Candidates

Former Fourth District County Commission Candidate Ruthie Kulhman announced in September her desire to be the next Knox County Republican Chair. She went so far as to select Tim Newlon, (political advisor to Property Assessor Phil Ballard & State Rep Roger Kane) as her running mate to be first vice chair.

John Gabriel, former President of the West Knox Republican Club (the club has its own by laws and operates separate from the party. At last count there are 13 Republican clubs spread around Knox County) has announced his candidacy for the top Republican job.

Sources indicate that State Executive Republican Committeman Seventh Senate District Ken Gross has been making phone calls to measure support for himself. Sources also indicate that longtime Republican Activist Buddy Burkhardt has voiced an intrest in the job.


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3 Responses

  1. Anonymousofcourse says:

    I got a letter asking from Kulhman in early October asking for my support. Haven’t heard from anyone else. As you have said, it’s important to ask for support and someone’s vote.

  2. Buddy Burkhardt says:

    It is official. I am seeking the position of Republican Chairman of Knox County. I am late getting started because I felt the work I was doing for candidates was more important to finish. Hopefully everyone will be hearing more from myself and supporters during this time.

  3. Ken Gross says:

    I will not be a candidate for Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party. I have enough on my plate between work, the SEC, the TOSHA Review Commission and the KC Ethics Committee to keep me very busy ! The next Chairman will need to be very committed to the Party and have the time to enhance, grow and get the party ready for the 2014 election cycle. We currently have three great candidates announced to lead our party for the next 2-years !! Whomever is elected, Ruthie, John or Buddy will do a great job !!