Ken Gross Will Not Be A Candidate for Republican Chairman of Knox County

This morning, Ken Gross posted the following comment on the blog post about the four possible candidates for Knox County Republican Party Chairman.

“I will not be a candidate for Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party. I have enough on my plate between work, the SEC, the TOSHA Review Commission and the KC Ethics Committee to keep me very busy ! The next Chairman will need to be very committed to the Party and have the time to enhance, grow and get the party ready for the 2014 election cycle. We currently have three great candidates announced to lead our party for the next 2-years !! Whomever is elected, Ruthie, John or Buddy will do a great job !!”

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1 Response

  1. Ken Gross says:

    Brian – After announcing I wouldn’t be a candidate for Knox County GOP Chairman, I recieved several calls asking me to reconsider and offering encouragement. With that said, I will be a Candidate for the Chairmanship in February! I look forward in the verey near future to sharing my plan for growing, enhancing and leading the Party for the next 2-years as we prepare for the 2014 election cycle! I would appreciate you posting this on your blog !!