Whatever Happened to Sports Corp?

There was a lot of news print on the old Knox Tourism and Sports Corp (aka Sports Corp.) back when Gloria Ray and David Duncan were CEO and Chairman of the Board. But they are gone. The RFP/RFQ was issued by Knox County and Knoxville City.

There were three respondents and the committee of 5 (2 from the county, 2 from the city and 1 appointed by the State of Tennessee Tourism Commissioner) selected the old Sports Corp group which is now called Visit Knoxville with Kim Bumpas as CEO and I don’t recall from memory who the Chair of the Board is. Anyhoo!

I saw where General Manager of the Downtown Hampton Inn Anita Lane and former Knox County Commission Vice Chairman Brad Anders have recently been appointed to the board with one or two others.

The questions are has the contract been approved? How has the operation changed? Is the County and City Mayors pleased with how the operation is proceeding? Is the only change that they eliminated a charismatic, energetic leader in Gloria Ray that for some reason former Mayor Victor Ashe disliked?

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3 Responses

  1. Keeping Them Honest says:

    The Sports Corp has merged into the new organization ran by Kim Bumpus.They are searching currently for 2 additional board members…..For your other point…Victor did take down Gloria…his dislike for her goes back to the KUB Board when she served as a strong director and DID NOT let Mayor Ashe control KUB from the City-County Building. Her downfall was simply because she made too much money….but her salary/benefits are in line with what UT-AD Dave Hart makes and she could do his job in a heart beat! BTW–Did you see the Tennessean article this weekend on the inside job Sam Furrow and Raja Jubran pulled on the Tax payers of Tennessee with the help of Hamlam’s deputy (Mark Cate)…Sam made a quick $5 Million in two years off a building in disrepair with aid from the Guv’s office…Read it…I am sure Jack McElroy has!….Keeping Them Honest

  2. Johnny Holbert says:

    What were the accomplishments of the charismatic, energetic leader?

  3. Deathstar Vader says:

    So, all these City and County employees on the selection committee backed KTSC2.0? Really? There’s got to be more to the story