Breaking News: Shamrock Mulch is on Fire…Again

This morning, the fire department is en route to Randy Greaves owned Shamrock Mulch for report of a fire. Do you remember the multi week fire from back this past Spring? The one where the City of Knoxville spent 24/7 for several weeks to extinguish the mulch fire.

Mayor Rogero in a recap of the year discussed the event as one of her challenges. Well now the challenge reignites. The more things change in Knoxville, the more they stay the same. I sure hope this fire is put out quickly. More details as the continue to smolder.

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1 Response

  1. Boss Crump says:

    Love how Shamrock owner and taxpayer tick Randy Greaves is whining about his equipment fire the other day…boo-hoo-hoo, Randy. I wonder how many millions he’s made off City of Knoxville taxpayers through his no-bid mulch contract. He’s had the City’s mulch contract for how many decades?