2012 – You Were An Odd One

Today is the last day of 2012. It came in with such promise. It had some high points and had a few low points.

Nationally, the Republicans and Conservatives all thought that this was the year that ANYONE could / would beat Obama. I never subscribed to that group think. I did ultimately support the Republican nominee. After nearly 8 years of running for President he just couldn’t pull it off. Obama was re-elected. The truly low point is the roller coaster that this economy has ridden for 2012.

Within the State, Republican State Representative Kent Calfee was elected in District 32. (Roane County & Lenior City) The district voters will no longer find themselves making the laugh track of every tabloid news outlet in the United States. I have gotten to know Representative Calfee and his wife. They have and will work together deliberately, thoughtfully, professionally to bring back to District 32 the respectful representation they were accustomed to before the past two years.


Locally, the daily newspaper editor got pulled into a divorce drama between Knox County’s Mayor Tim Burchett’s ex wife and the Mayor. October came and the Mayor’s divorce became final and the financial irregularities from his campaign account that got a lot of ink became a non story. Additionally, the same editor got his hands on a obscure email with a bunch of “notable” peoples email addresses. So the daily paper sought to see every email that these “notable” people had sent to everyone in Knox County.

I am hoping for a 2013 that is a straighter path with less high and lows and hopefully one where we all don’t wake up thrown together at the bottom of a fiscal cliff.

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