Time to Call The Balls and Strikes on this PBA/Schools Game

While this blog in the past has been critical of PBA and the Knox County School Board. Let me say, while Dr. McIntyre and I would disagree on certain positions. I do respect him for his ability and his competence. Both traits that past Superintendents have lacked. One former Superintendent could not even pronounce “schools”.

When School Board Members say that PBA decided to use a contractor for security system installations at Hardin Valley and Powell Middle. That is bull.

PBA received an email from schools that was first published at the beginning of this controversy that stated, that they (PBA) were to use the (schools) term bid contractor for security systems. It went on to say that should they determine to bid it out and should any problems arise then PBA would be held accountable for it.

PBA complied and now since the problems occurred after PBA did what schools instructed. Schools should now be accountable.

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy Loy CCM says:

    Yes, but Brian… don’t forget that this scenario only underscores the PBA’s ability to legally hand out contracts without bidding them! The PBA Act needs to be ratified to close this loop hole…without that loophole this entire scandal would not have been started as a directive from the School system’s security officer to use as relative’s company.

    The low bid contractor may have not performed the work either…but the scandal would be isolated to the lack of performance by the contractor, not the nepotism as well which is the salt in this debacle…i.e. wound.

    Using your analogy, it’s hard to call balls and strikes when the pitcher is throwing spitballs.

  2. ron says:

    What is Carson trying to hide by having this closed door meeting