What was Robert Lawrence Suggesting Last Night?

Yesterday, Knox County School Superintendent Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. PBA Chief Dale Smith were answering questions about the on going school security fiasco. Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith called up Dr. McIntyre and instead of asking a question. Smith went on to grand stand and pontificate while Dr. McIntyre was patiently standing at the podium. Robert Lawrence professed to Dr. McIntyre that he “would receieve a windfall because of all this.”

“Windfall?” Really! The definition of windfall is “A sudden, unexpected piece of good fortune or personal gain. Something, such as a ripened fruit, that has been blown down by the wind.” So, that is what this is all about? Dr. McIntyre will receive a sudden, unexpected personal gain. I suspect that Dr. McIntyre is the guy that would not risk his multi year contract over a paperbag of “personal gain.” What does that really say, that McIntyre is subjected to that in the form of a question by the County Commission Vice Chair?

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