Kuhlman Doesn’t Trust “email system”

Today’s column by Georgiana Vines (here) in the product produced in the Big Metal Shed on the Hill shows that Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ruth Kuhlman is a slow learner. She can not do anything or take any positions without the entire Executive Committee in accordance with it or at a minimum advance notice of it.

Executive Committee Member and Republican State Executive Committeeman Ken Gross is correct that Kuhlman should have sought the committees opinion. Her lame excuse that she doesn’t trust the email system is funny on the face of it. Is she scared that her own incoherent ramblings would come back to haunt her? In addition, it is interesting that she admits to getting counsel, but refuses to identify who the counsel is. She has said that she has a very small group of close friends and advisors. She has admitted that one of those few friends is the publisher of a weekly throw away paper.

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