Is The School Board Just Trying to Pad Next Years “Maintenance of Effort” Increase?

The Knox County School Board has double the amount mandated in their reserve (rainy day, savings account) $24.0 million instead of $12.0 million and they want the Knox County Mayor and Knox County Commission to fund $219,000.00 for the start up of the hiring of 58 new School Security Officers. The Board through Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. said they wanted assurance that Commission was supportive of the 58 new hires. How about the School Boarders call their district County Commissioner counterparts and ask if they are supportive? Oh yeah, the school boarders do not like their county commissioner counterparts. I forgot.

What this really amounted to was receiving the “maintenance of effort” increase on July 1, 2013 for the $219,000. The committee of School Boarders Carson, Harris, Deathridge and Fugate with Commissioners Hammond, Wright, McKenzie and Broyles obviously is not moving in the right direction of opening communication among the two bodies.

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