More on the 2013 Property Reappraisals

In the State of Tennessee, all four major counties (Shelby, Davidson, Knox and hamilton) are on the same every four year reappraisal schedule. This year 2013 is the year.

Last reappraisal cycle (2009) all four counties started their reappraisal with the same starting point, up about 14% or maybe 12% in values nd then local factors takeover.

It was a tad strange four years ago. But with Davidson County Assessor already announcing a reduction in property values, that should hold true in Knox County.

I will use the website and app, Zillow to verify what the Knox County Property Assessor says my personal residential property is valued. The notices are supposed to be sent within the first two weeks of April. So, be aware that it is coming your way.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    We would have a better chance at getting a fair and transparent assessment appraisal if we hired Helen Keller. She might have been mute and blind, but at least she had common sense. What in Billy-Hell did the Butter and Egg man think he was going to accomplish in an economy that is not far from a depression. Mayor Tim it’s time to pull the lever to open up this office, this office has had too much playtime and not enough professionalism. Tim you know what I am saying is to be true, you know what has transpired in this office that has been a severe waste of payroll dollars. Swipe cards do not match, employees that clock in but are not present, getting paid overly inflated salaries, where is the bleeding to stop. Field assessors stranded at the gas pump because someone was clocked in and shopping on the county P card, while the Pilot Gas account was cut off for lack of payment. Cabin rentals do not count as a county paid necessary expense, but it sure went right through, and all under the watchful eye of the Butter and Egg Man. Lobster dinners can’t hold a candle to the wasteful expenditures from this office. As you tell your employee’s ” Raise your hand if you got this job by knowing someone”….. Raise your hand if you are an elected official that knew what was going on right under your nose and kept your mouth shut. Butter Man better raise two and both legs. Why do you need cameras in the office to watch your employees remotely from your cell phone? Wasted money and all at the expense of the public. As Cas Walker said, “I got no use for thieves”