Congratulations Knox County Citizens for your Insistence Four Years Ago! Time to do it again

In an article from today’s Big Metal Shed on the Hill. It is revealed that four years ago the appeals of citizens reduced the excessive appraisals of Property Assessor Ballard by $166 million. It is now time for the reappraisal and to potentially appeal again.

An appeal is an excellent way for Knox County citizens to keep the county from excessive taxation. It is a checks and balances to the belief of some that the county should have a continued revenue stream for excessive waste and abuse.

So, keep the phone number 865-215-2360 handy. You can also email the Assessor at

From the story, Four years ago reappraisal sparked an outcry from property owners after residential appraisals rose by an average of 15.8 percent from 2005 to 2009. Many felt the appraisals were too high given the ongoing national recession, which was driven, in part by falling property values.

In the end, the appeals yielded reductions of $166 million in total assessed value for real property. Taxpayers who made their case to the Board of Equalization were also eligible to make further appeals to a state board.

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