Assessor to Speak 2 Days Before Reappraisals are Mailed

The Halls Republican Club is going to meet tomorrow, April 15, 2013. If you want to fellowship & enjoy some snacks that is from 6:00-7:00pm. The meeting is from 7:00-8:00pm.

They meet at the Boys & Girls Club of Halls/Powell located at 1819 Dry Gap Pike just off of E. Emory Rd. across from Brickey-McCloud Elementary School.

The guest speaker will be Phil Ballard, Knox County Property Assessor. Kinda interesting that he will be speaking two days (April 17) before he mails out your property reappraisal notice(s). The appeals hearings will begin on April 22 and run for two weeks. You can call the Assessors Office immediately after receiving your notice to schedule your first appeal meeting. The Assessors office number is 865-215-2360

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6 Responses

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Oh brother this should be a classic case of stutter, mumble and lies from the start. It should begin like this, I am Phil Ballard and I am putting your new assessments in the mail, which is the long version of I am going to put the screws to you. The county is broke and I have to drum up money to insure County Commission has it to spend. The b/s coming out of his mouth will smell sweater than a septic tank on Rose Milk lotion. Predictions are as follows……. He will introduce himself ( Butter and Egg Man), elaborate on how well his office has done with the new assessments( factual lies on Yellow paper), advise how many assessments remained the same ( just the ones that has the friends and family discount), tell you how to appeal your assessment if you are not happy ( other words come by and bitch for a spell at how ignorant the assessments are), he will not take questions ( he can’t fart without old Linda spraying his rear), the Paper man and the Tire Man will sit quiet as a church mouse grinning from ear to ear, knowing he has once pulled it off one more time.

    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!!!! He should however tell you his agenda truthfully, but that would require talking out of one side of his mouth and not both sides. The assessment figues are so inflated that Holston Gases wants to patent the air in the envelopes, its ripe and juicy and you pay the price. Linda where are the change orders that were filled out and entered that were forged by the same person, which required someone to quit? Yes those copies would make a great exhibit for the new 2013 assessment. Do you honestly think that went unseen and copies were not made for future use? Honesty is not an asset of this office, nor is accountability. Why is an employee drawing unemployment that was investigated for her duties, that was so eager to resign? Where is the real truth behind this story. Cas Walker said it well his salve would cure anything except the shingles, lets rub some on the assessor and his cronies and see if it will cure deceit and ignorance. I just can’t wait to run for this office, I am going to have field day with this office, transparent (fancy word for hide the truth), certified ( at b/s), helpful friendly staff ( Craig the smiling clown that was swapped for the drunk who was busted for DUI in another County on County time assessing property in the wrong County) A glorified Otis Campbell, should have just rode a cow. Wrinkles a face of the past that would open up if she wasn’t afraid what others would think of her real job with the Property Assessors office. Phil you have a temper that you cannot control, and if I were you I would just cancel tonight as we know in advance what will happen on April 17. The Mayor should declare it County Screw You Day, reminds me of a cartoon from my past… Dennis the Menace, his famous line was Ok, now bend over!!!!!! See you all tonight at the Boys and Girls Club, I will bring the broom and tissue paper, and a pair of hip boots from Hammer’s this is going to be the deepest pile of b/s. Afterwards we can all say to ourselves what the heck did this clown just say..

  2. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    Maybe somebody will ask him about the new online tool his office paid Mark Padgett to deisgn and implement for his office. The office doesn’t want to talk much about their new online tool, since it doesn’t really do anything that the old site didn’t do, and somebody might actually ask him about who designed and implemented this feature and exactly how much did it cost?

    Seriously, in my opinion, this guy is an outright butter and egg guy who has been around the Knox County Courthouse long enough. Time to let somebody else take a shot at whatever these guys purportedly do all day.

  3. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Knox County Health Dept has declared an outbreak record of cases of Red A– in the property assessors office, it seems as if everyones rear end is on fire. I have a blow torch right under the office and watching them all squirm is my finest hour. Old Pap Beaver would jump pews with hell fire and brimstone sermons, Old Elmer just calls it the truth… Bet you the Butter and Egg man will lay hard boiled eggs tonight at the Boys and Girls Club, news at eleven hot tempers boiled eggs truth came out, cover story at the Metal Shed helping out the integrity of this office. Headlines on April 17, Butter and Eggs fried on the second floor, mayor declares Elmer for Assessor. Who is this man and can we have some more??????? Carla do you care to asvise why you jumped the sinking SS Ballard Ship and went to the Trustee’s Office, nearest to the door and will sing Ballard praises tonight at the Halls Republican Club. This truth is burning my hand off, the blow torch is huge and no one can refute the truth, keeping my finger on the trigger of flame. Door prize tonight… Cases of hard boiled eggs, anyone got a dollar I can use to buy a ticket.

  4. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well folks herre is a recap if you missed the show and tell episode from the Butter an Egg Man at the Halls Republican Club. Dear Ruthie came in late as she wanted to get one last gulp from her favorite market, she had to be there to support her daughters boss the clicker… Phil Ballard. The show and tell slide show was all the evidence I needed to polish up the Ford and wait for my assessment. This idiot conveyed that our values held strong and some increased in a darn depression, how stupid does this slobbering moron think we are. I could have taken photos at a whore house and made it look like southern hospitality and convinced this crown better that a whore house had an economic contribution to the community better than he showed this crock of b/s to the general public. He sang the praises that his employees all had real estate backgrounds, not a darn one of them would know a west knox box from a clinton trailer court. The pamplet folks was the key indication last night, of whats coming tomorrow. This idiot all but admitted the assessments are grossly overinflated, and encourages the good people of Knox County to appeal their assessment. And to boot, put that snake of a waste of money Craig’s name and direct number to ask for assistance. He could not find his way out of a paper poke with a neon sign stating exit here. This washed up County Commissioner-reject from the Trustee’s office-Black Wednesday amen boy, needs to go home. Nothing he could say would convince me he knew anything about property assessments. Comments from the audience over heard by many stated get this idiot off the floor. Felt sorry for Big Wally which took a call and tripped and fell, but at least it took away from the butter and egg man’s show. Hope your ear is feeling better, at our age falls can be dangerous. Poor Cindy looked like she had one heck of a day, and for those whom do not know her she is the ONLY GOOD half of the butter and egg man. And then there is the old rascal (Mary Lou RIP) Larry, that pontificated on what a great job the butter and egg man was doing, I am sure he is elated on the inflated assessments, which is short for MORE MONEY!!!!!! for commission to spend. And last but not least there was precious Libby Haun which sat there just like a Lady, whom announced she was running for Criminal Court Clerk, my hat is off to you. That just about raps it up folks, beware of the yellow paper inside the envelope, its full of hot air and fiction of the real value of your home. Run Elmer Run…..

  5. Elmer Henderlight says:

    The magic number is $205,200 for the butter and egg mans home which should be featured on the set of Sanford and Sons. Does he justify that he increased his homes worth of $33,700.00 from last years appraisal. This idiot is operating wide and loose and hasn’t the first clue of what he is doing. I bet the phone is ringing off the hook at the La Ballard Academy on the second floor, for those whom want to get a live person on the line CALL 215-2360. Ask for an intelligent person, however it may take you some time if you desire factual evidence of how your assessment was calculated. I bet poor old Craig is just about worn out, his first day at a real job, rather than farting around smoosing old people and begging them to freeze their taxes, he knew what was coming down the pike. Linda, as her hateful self is most likely hiding in one of her two offices, or in the ladies room, as diarrhea of the mouth is her daily specialty. I can’t wait to see the line for appeals as those idiots on that board will look like Ned in the first reader with the number of appeals this year. The Butter and Egg man can’t say this time he inherited this issue, these mistakes are all his. If he opens his mouth once and says, “well sometimes we miss a few”, the only missing done here is he missed the short bus from Strawberry Plains. Jim , I can’t leave you out as your the second in command, kinda like the head nanny at the nursing home. Jim I would be furious that the Butter and Egg man assessed his home the same as your own. Comparing those two homes is like comparing prunes to a peach, and you are retired from the state and can honestly turn a blind eye. All of these clowns should be in the Just Busted paper, rape of the county should be a crime. Guess it will be a new fleet a SUV’s this year for the Butter and Egg Man’s assessors, some of them have let us down but their orders come from powers at be. The news media, and I am not talking about the Medal Shed on the Hill, is going to have a field day with this. Little Jack is scared to death if he ruffles the Big Bird he will have to start paying real taxes, how can a building be assessed at $13,437,500.00 and only pay $4,814.00. Folks let’s celebrate Knox County Put The Screws To You Day, kick back with a bar of Exlax and open your envelope…

  6. The Shadow says:

    Got our re-appraisal in the mail today. $5,000 more than last year, ’cause ya know the market is so much better