Senator Campfield Takes on Piers Morgan

Knoxville State Senator Stacey Campfield posted this joke on his blog about pressure cookers.

It generated this story that appeared on the Chattanooga Times Free Press website. They have a poll asking if he should apologize for his joke. When I looked at the results with in the last hour (around 9:30 pm EST 04/24/2013) it was 50% saying NO, he should not apologize and 49% saying that YES, he should apologize.

Then this evening he appeared on Piers Morgan Live on CNN. Of course, Piers is anti gun and very liberal. Campfield is very Constitutional Conservative. So you know how the conversation went. Give Campfield credit, it ain’t skeered! Here is the story on Piers blog, which includes the video of the Senator and Piers discussion.

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