Is This The Way You Want Your Politicans and Officials to be Accessible?

Here is the story from Georgiana Vines of the the Big Metal Shed on the Hill on Saturday. It seems that Vines talked with Fifth District County Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs at a recent luncheon event.

Vines reports that Briggs is using social media in his probable campaign for State Senate opposing State Senator Stacey Campfield. She then reports that Briggs has hired the husband and wife team of Ben and Jenny Farmer to manage his website and Facebook page. If he is having someone manage the website and the mega social media site, Facebook how is he (the candidate) using social media?

Is that what you want from someone that desires to be your voice and your vote. Someone that isn’t even bothering to speak directly to you through his website or Facebook page?


Here is Dr. Briggs at a Town of Farragut Fourth of July parade.

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