Bosch Calls Names on Inside TN Regarding the “rain tax”

On WBIR’s Inside TN that was taped on Thursday night and aired this morning. City Council candidate John Stancil brought up the “rain tax”. Panelist Liberal Madeline’s $1,000 donor Don Bosch reacted rather strongly saying that this was an issue discussed among “political operatives” and “political ne’er-do-wells” Why would Bosch cast such aspersions on Rachel Craig, Rikki Hall and Steve Drevik? All three of these persons have been defending Liberal Madeline on twitter and a couple of liberal blog forums and even here at Shock And Awe saying that she has not proposed this tax or stated publicly about this tax.

Although, it is clear from numerous sources in the Deathstar (aka City County Building) that she has discussed it behind closed doors. So much for Liberal Madeline being open and transparent. She has been endorsed by 7 of 9 former School Board Members that supported the Superintendent of Schools in 1999 to communicate with them via “secret” documents. A clear violation of TN Open Records Law (KNS “Superintendent Used Private “diary” to communicate with school board” November 5, 1999) In addition, she was seen meeting with a Black Wednesday Appointed Commissioner on Friday.

City Council Candidate George Wallace also disclosed that Alcoa a neighboring city municipality to Knox County has this “rain tax” on all commercial property. Both Stancil and Wallace are opposed to the “rain tax”. Liberal Madeline has not publicly stated that she will NOT seek a “rain tax”. She only takes a past tense, “I have not proposed that.”

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3 Responses

  1. rachel craig says:

    Well, gee, I didn't feel like Bosch was casting aspersions in my direction. I do believe you have trouble with listening comprehension.

    Yes, I've said that Madeline has not proposed a stormwater utility fee nor has she stated that she supports one. Are you saying that she has? If so, show me where & when.

    As for this so-called super secret meetings in the CCB, w/o you naming (or at least describing your sources, getting a comment from stormwater engineering, and getting a comment from Madeline), all you're doing is spreading rumors.

    Can't your guy win with the truth?

    And no, I don't expect you to post this. Perhaps you'll give me a pleasant surprise and do so.

  2. I certainly believe Bosch was talking about you as you are an active “operative” for Liberal Madeline & Little Marshall.

    I am not working for anyone. I am reporting campaign news like Georgiana Vines (the difference is my wife of 23 years is not contributing to candidates like Vines partner did with Senator Campfield's opponent)

    As for revealing my sources. You know that can't be done. If she is elected Mayor she would get the persons supervisor to harrass and retaliate against them for speaking to me.

    President Nixon's Watergate would have never toppled the President without “deepthroat”. How many years did it take for “deepthroat” to reveal his identity? Just hang in there, Rachel!

  3. For what it's worth, I have more than one source. However, I will not subject them to retaliation from political people