Liberal Madeline Wants a Rain Tax

Here in the City of Knoxville Stormwater Report is information on the possibility of a “rain tax” A good summation was posted over on the website of the “Big Metal Shed on the Hill”. The Tennessee State Legislature recently passed Stormwater Management Legislation (Senate Bill No. 68 and House Bill No. 56) which provides the City of Knoxville with sufficient enabling authority to implement the required NPDES stormwater management programs. This legislation also provides the City with the option to finance the stormwater management program with a stormwater utility. The City is currently considering a stormwater utility study which would determine billing rates for property owners who discharge stormwater to the municipal storm sewer system. Typically, stormwater utility rates are based on the percentage of impervious area on a property. The City has considered applying the Stormwater Utility Fee through the Knoxville Utility Board (KUB) existing billing system. If the City chooses to implement a Stormwater Utility, the fee system would be devised to provide sufficient funding for all of the proposed NPDES stormwater management programs.
Charlotte, NC has a “rain tax” that generates almost $10 a month from homeowners and $136 a month from commercial properties. All property owners are subjected to such taxes. Schools and Churches are not exempt. A caller on the ed and bob show this morning said that in Houston, TX it has raised over $400 million a year.

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brian- I have looked through both articles, and I don't see the link to Madeline Rogero. I don't see any article where she has said she has favored this fee / surcharge.

    Can you provide a link? Or is this just some wild supposition that she would do this? The report you cited was 1993, and if the City hasn't even discussed it in 18 years, it seems unlikely that this has any basis in reality.

    Curious to see if this post will see the light of day.

    -Steve Drevik @sdrevik

  2. Rikki Hall says:

    That document you are quoting from is dated May 1993.

  3. And your point is? Actually quoting is not accurate. I cited the work. I never said the document was new.

    The fact that Liberal Madeline has found a revenue stream and she has had discussions with city officials about implementing the tax is news worthy.

    The wheel tax has been available for many many years. However. It wasn't until Tommmy Schumpert needed $6 that it became a tax and not until Ragsdale needed more money that it became a $36 tax.

  4. BTW, when I spoke to the Northside Kiwanis today, I stated that in a 1993 report it was published that there was enabling legislation from Nashville for it's implementation

  5. Rikki Hall says:

    My point is that you don't have any evidence. A 1993 document would primarily implicate Victor Ashe. Ashe opted not to create a stormwater utility when the city applied for its NPDES permit in 1996, and the topic has not come up since.

    Knox County, on the other hand, is actively considering changes to its stormwater management, and a 2007 report said, “The Stormwater Advisory Board recommends the establishment of a stormwater utility, under the auspices of Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works, to manage and implement the stormwater program.” They recommended a user fee to fund this utility and to be collected by the Trustee's office.

    If you want to know who is really considering a “rain tax,” there you go!

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Rikki Hall

    Tell us about Eugene Monaco and his relation to your 501 c3 non-profit called the Foundation for Global Sustainability. Eugene Monaco is the Treasurer for the Foundation for Global Sustainability.

    Eugene Monaco is also Madeline Rogero's husband and is also one of the leaders of Knoxville Permaculture. A group which wants to restrict water usage in Knoxville and allow weeds in lawns so the lawns don't have to be mowed so as not to create Global Warming.

    Can you explain your group's distrubing message:

    “We have traditionally addressed the range of environmental problems facing us through six project areas. Our projects function autonomously and work cooperatively with each other, and with others in the region who share similar concerns. Although focused on regional issues, the projects often work with local, national and international networks to achieve goals. The projects report to Global Sustainability's Board of Directors, which is comprised of one representative from each project's decision-making body as well as elected at-large members.

    Our organization is unique in that its projects reflect a joint emphasis on advocacy and activism. In the face of serious environmental threats, our approach of advocating for effective public policy and actively demanding change through protest and opposition allows us to provide and fulfill a public service “niche” when political and economic forces threaten the welfare of our social and natural environments.

    Each project is committed to using “every tool in the toolbox” to effect change. Through slide presentations, public forums, public hearings, and direct citizen action, including non-violent civil disobedience as a last resort, we work to raise awareness about social and environmental issues facing the region. Our successful track record demonstrates a decade-long commitment to accuracy and credibility in our public education work.”

    Rikki Hall is on the City of Knoxville Energy Sustainability Taskforce. He is a writer for the Metro Pulse. And has pushed for passage of the MPC Hillside and Ridgetop Plan which takes away property value from private property owners in Knoxville.

    So Rikki Hall, why are you the attack dog for Madeline Rogero? What is the quid pro quo there?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please point me to exactly where and when Madeline said she would implement (or would consider implementing) this “tax”?


    Rachel Craig

  8. Rikki Hall says:

    That post violates numerous “Rules Of Engagement, Explanation & Requirements Of This Blog.” How did it get published?

    Also, how does pointing out the date a document was published equate to being “an attack dog”?

  9. Rachel Craig,

    Reading Comprehension has escaped you and others.

    The followup post “more on rain tax” details that Liberal Madeline has been meeting with city officials about the possibilty of implementing this revenue stream.

    Obviously Liberal Madeline as a 5 tax raising, slush fund creating Commissioner is meeting with others as a Mayoral candidate planning for “her” administration. Knoxville is a small town where government officials talk to me and other non traditional media

  10. Anonymous says:

    Unnamed sources? Seriously? That's all you have?

  11. The sources are not unnamed, I am protecting their identity from fear of retribution by their supervisors. Again, what Drevik, Mr. or Mrs. Rikki and Rachel Craig don't understand is that a new revenue stream is a revenue stream. 1993, 2003 or 2013 doesn't matter. What is news worthy is that Liberal Madeline is actually talking about it.

    As for the thread that these three have begun on the Local Liberal Blog has me blocked from commenting, I presume R.Neal is the blocker of all things BHornback. Drevik has offered to post my comments, but I do not use intermediaries for statements.

    As for the comment that got posted that Mr. or Mrs. Rikki asked about. It is a comment from a trusted source of Shock And Awe. Mr. or Mrs. Rikki doesn't address the issues raised. I guess I could all Mr. or Mrs. Rikki a name like it called me on the local Liberal blog. But if I did that, then I resort to it's level and I will not do that.

  12. Chris says:

    It is an interesting topic which this storm water which the rain tax. Indeed the government has its own strategy to generate funds for the maintenance.