For All My Constructive Posts on Jack McElroy and The Big Metal Shed on the Hill

For all the constructive posts on the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and it’s Editor Jack McElroy that I have posted over the last 8 years or so, today he demonstrates an ability to place himself in a less than flattering light. There is a story that will not be linked here detailing a story involving one of his sons. This is the second story in a few months that has been published regarding actions of his son.

As public persons (elected, media etc.) make mistakes it is newsworthy. However, actions by family members in my opinion are not newsworthy. The individuals that are married or are born or are adopted into those peoples families should not be exposed to such media scrutiny.

While Mr. McElroy and I are not likely to break bread (lunch) or drink coffee together any time soon. While we are probably not likely to agree on much. I commend him for exposing the story to avoid unnecessary criticism on himself or his company. I hope and pray for his family and encourage others to do the same.

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