Property Assessor and His Deputy Assessing The New Carter

Yesterday at the NEW Carter Elementary the Property Assessor and his Deputy were in attendance. They were scoping it out in a way that appeared they were assessing the value of the upgrades to the property. Their hopes were dashed when they were reminded that as county property it is no longer on the tax roll.


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2 Responses

  1. elmer henderlight says:

    What a waste of tax payers dollars, these two raving idiots should have been hard at work at the City County Play Pen for Politicians Children. The appeals board is overloaded with angry taxpayers whom know these two have certainly cooked the books to generate revenue. Have you seen the Sunday school folding chairs filled with the working class of Knoxville taking time off to prove the assessments are inflated and have no merit of factual proof. The sad effects of this many of the elderly and financially disadvantaged will accept the value and just pay the tax bill. I would just once like to see these two put in a weeks worth of manual labor rather than riding around at the expense of the taxpayers goofing off. The office is protected by video cameras, why does this man need such high tech security? Brian why don’t you ask for the invoices for this installed equipment, or give us a story of the insides of the Property Assessors Office. The moron behind the camera. These assessments are like stealing butter from a blind man. The Metal Shed on the Hill put this clown on the front page of the paper a few weeks ago praising him higher than the Murphy’s Oil Soap lirics. Touting his office did an excellent job with the new software that doesn’t even work. It stays locked up 90% of the time and the values are more inflated than the rear end of the Prune that has to work overtime to keep up. The ship is sinking faster than the Titanic, and time is ticking away at the end of the Butter and Eggs mans political career. Who is going to be the new assessor? Whom is the Butter and Egg Man going to push along with the Tire Man and the Paper Boy for assessor? The Huddle-Hunley tag team duo going to polish up for assessor this time. Old Jim and His Pension Plan ? Craig the reject from the Trustee’s office? Or Linda the Prune – the baby sitter at the Academy of the Political Play Pen? A trio of do nothings resembling a giant pacifier. Cas where are you when we need you. I would enjoy a good article like the style in the Watchdog. Open up the office and let the working employees tell you what is really going on behind the cameras. Explain the cold hard truth of Paula and her unemployment benefits. Why was this employee’s resignation accepted and now she is drawing unemployment? Why did Wrinkles quit? She was glued to the Butter-Mans hip and all of a sudden vanished like a fart on the amen pew. The smell still lingers and questions remain unanswered. Brian, its past time to open this office up, I am too old for this, but you have youth on your side. The metal shed will not dare to expose this office with fears of having to pay real tax money for the value of the building, that would mean bankruptcy for an entity whom is financially struggling. Wake up and pay attention.

  2. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    They were out there trolling for Burchette’s supporters, some of whom may pull the lever for the Butter-n-Egg crowd, as they’ll all be on the same primary ballot and unless there is an eleventh hour entree’ into the frackass, Burchette is a home run lock with minimal competition.

    Knoxville business community is stammering around while Pilot and its loyal pump sniffers and love fest advertisers chisel around trying to figure out what to make of the silence from JimBob and nothing but faith from BillBob while BigJim vacations on the South Carolina coast. What are a bunch of pent up wanna bees to do with nobody telling them what to do while Burchette’s making bank on votes, support that won’t be forgotten next primary, and a bundle of things to write home about.