Knox County Property Assessor is Now Valuing Your Trees and Under and Over Growth

A few folks over in Fourth and Gill neighborhood tried in vain to influence a 60 day new resident not to cut down a tree on his property. He has stuck by his plan. Primarily because everyone has warned him that the tree limbs will be a constant distraction.

This is the most interesting part in the article “Property assessors believe the tree added an estimated $15,000-20,000 worth of value to the property alone.

“You’ve got the nicest tree in the neighborhood, it’s healthy and adds an almost $20,000 value to your house and you still cut it down,” Brace said. “Deductive reasoning will tell you to let it be.”” David Brace is with the City of Knoxville.

I wonder what the assessors appraised the two trees on the Auburn campus and how much the value declined when the Alabama fan poisoned it. I think some people have gotten a little warped over at a certain tea room.

Just remember, based on the property assessors, you can under value your home by weed eating less.

Here is the article from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill, if you want to read it.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    As my old Pap would have said, that’s a real dumb ass you got there…. Because of this article in the paper there isn’t a chain saw in stock anywhere in this town. There will not be a tree left in this town if this idiot keeps this racket up. Where did he get such an idea? This man obviously didn’t get past the first page of the first reader. He calls himself educated, I have a blind sister that could see this is a crock of turds. Somebody please get this idiot out of the office before he tells us being a dumbass is glamorous. This idiot is so crooked he could swallow a ten penny nail and poop a machine screw. I’ve heard so much this week I almost want to have him declared mentally incompetent for our own safety. I woke I up this morning thinking he is planting a garden on county time, marrying people he fired, and now giving advise that if you cut down your trees you will get a lower assessment. If we had a tornado an took out the trees this town would have to file for bankruptcy. Damn it Tim burtchett come down from the sixth floor of the condemned city county building and give this man his walking papers. Mike Lowe might have pulled some shenanigans but this man is as loose as hazel davidsons nieces on Saturday night. Being full of poop like a Christmas goose is not what we need in the city county building. Oh brother this makes me madder than a dog shitting tacks. The butter and egg man would actually try pooping on a circle saw and it running backwards.