Dr. McIntyre Challenges West Knox County Parents

Last night the Bluegrass and Lotts Elementary School parent organizations joined together at the Westlake campus of First Baptist Church Concord for a presentation from Dr. Jim McIntyre, Knox County Schools Superintendent entitled “Change and Progress”.
Each schools parent organizations held separate parent meetings. Then as those meetings ended, the children went downstairs where Tennessee Tech University students had volunteered their time to work with them on math stations. The students were also able to decorate pumpkins donated by Kroger. First Baptist Concord donated the use of their Westlake campus for the joint meetings.
Adam Parker, Lotts Elementary School discussed the new Teacher Evaluation Process.

Reggie Mosley, Bluegrass Elementary School gave some examples for how he and the administration of Bluegrass have been preparing teachers for the teacher evaluations. They have even had some mock evaluation sessions.

Dr. Jim McIntyre, Knox County School Superintendent not only presented the new process and the changes of academic standards. He also shared what progress has been made with ACT scores, Graduation rate and proficiency. He also outlined what challenges still remain.

The gentleman in the blue shirt asked a good question about the change in the teacher tenure law. The law does not allow tenure for new teachers, but teachers that have tenure (even if they are bad teachers) still retain their tenure and are protected.

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