PBA Should Audit Parking Use in their Garages, First

One of the weekly throwaway newspapers website has a story from last Tuesday. One day after their weekly throwaway publication hit the streets. It seems that the PBA (Public Building Authority) Board met on Tuesday and they are studying and may ultimately consider issuing parking tickets along Gay Street and potentially the entire CBID (Central Business Improvement District).

My suggestion to Dale Smith, CEO of the PBA and the PBA Board is to first audit all the parking validations at the Dwight Kessel Parking Garage that come from the City County Building.

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy Loy CCM says:

    I am confident that Smith will be as receptive to your suggestion as he has always been to such well intended information. Of course the PBA Act allows them to do whatever they wish whenever they wish in whatever manner they wish. How in the world anyone can think that the PBA is capable of issuing parking tickets on a public street without serious legal recoil is beyond me. PBA is becoming an even bigger circus with a new ring.

  2. BHornback says:

    You are right Sandy. I don’t really expect that Smith and the Board will do as I suggested. I suspect that a certain media outlet has been having their paking validated for assignment and personal visits. Of couse, that is a breach of journalistic ethics in that KNS, all TV stations, radio stations, Shopper News, Farragut Press do NOT compromise coverage by asking the tax payers to fund their parking.