We May Find Out Who Performed the Stacey Campfield Poll?

Much news has occurred this week about people being harassed by a robo-style polling call asking about State Senator Stacey Campfield. Anyone that knows the Senator immediately knew it wasn’t him. In a recent article in the product produced by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. County Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs pointed out two similar polls that have appeared in a weekly throw away newspaper publication.

It is rumored that the individual that operates the polling company for the paper is the same person that is a campaign consultant to Dr. Briggs on his upcoming challenge to the Senator.

Read this blog post by the Senator, it seems all may be revealed. I think this type of laser beamed FOCUS. Let the people see the path and they can find their way.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    Criminal Harrassment? I don’t think this meets the TCA’s definition, and it’s a waste of the TBI’s and Randy Nichol’s time. And a waste of taxpayer’s money. A big waste. But I guess if the Senator believes it’s in his interests, it’s an appropriate waste.