Everybody Wants to Blame Haslam and Huffman. When it is Really Bredesen and Obama’s Fault

Everyone is criticizing TN Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman and Governor Bill Haslam for the new salary schedule and now the proposed teacher licensing requirements.

The real culprit is Obama in proposing the Race to the Top money and with Former Governor Phil Bredesen that never saw a handout he couldn’t resist accepting and tying the states hands.

So the new salary schedule and the tougher licensing requirements are just the deliverables for all that Federal money that Prince Phillip accepted from Obama.

Read the latest from the Tennessean, here.

Am I defending Governor Haslam? He inherited this mess.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    While I agree with you the initial Race to the Top application was a mistake, Haslam has done more than his share to add to this mess.

    “Gov. Bill Haslam unveiled his first legislative package this morning with plans to make it tougher to become and remain a teacher”


    Haslam and Huffman have done more than their share to hurt teachers, and as a result schools and kids.