What Has Happened and What Have They Done With Mayor Burchett?

This from Mike ‘da career killa’ Donila over at his Screams From the Porch website.

Donila is reporting that Mayor Burchett’s staff has recently projected a $5 – $6.0 million surplus. Mayor Burchett and his staff are setting their sights on spending a hefty portion of it. In a quote that Donila attributes to the Mayor. Burchett said in part

“,unlike what they’re doing in Washington where the politicians continuously spend more money than they’re taking in.”

That is excatly what Washington does. They find dollars and spend them. Sometimes it is all the dollars they find and sometimes it is more than they find. In 2010, Mayor Burchett promised to reduce our debt, which he has reduced chunks of it, but we are not debt free. He had a good strike with selling off some county owned assets and paying for Carter Elementary School. However, his Communications operation has gone from one guy (Mike Grider) to a staff of Communication folks. That is not reducing government, that is expanding government.

I just am curious, who and or what has happened to the County Mayor and what have they done to or with him.

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