Hold On, I Actually Agree With George Korda?

Partially kidding, here is George Korda‘s latest column on KnoxNews. Korda is addressing people that post anonymous comments on forums like KnoxNews. When BrianHornback.Com first began in 2004, we allowed any/all comments. Then there were a lot of inappropriate comments that did not meet the standards of the commenting criteria that we had published. We then shut down all comments for a period of time. Several years ago, I began comment moderation. This requires that every comment be viewed and approved by me or an administrator of BrianHornback.Com, it is interesting to see the anonymous commentators get riled up and attempt posting their hate and jealousy. I just laugh and delete. Occasionally I will save one for my forth coming memoir.

It confirms our slogan “The media no body reads but EVERYONE knows the content.”

For those folks who post nastiness for me and the administrators to read, we are helping you keep your blood flowing. Just be careful not to break your computer keyboard as you angrily pound out your aggression. Thanks for reading! We will be here another 9 years, Good Lord Willing!

I will conclude by quoting Big Kenny of the Country Music duo Big and Rich. “Love Everybody”

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