Thomas Deakins Announces Candidacy For School Board Chair

Tonight during Board Forum (the time when board members can say whatever they want) Thomas Deakins of District 6 announced that he is a candidate for Knox County School Board Chair. The positions are voted on the first meeting of every September.

Chair Indya Kincannon immediately congratulated him for submitting his name and said that she would nominate him. She then proceeded to make the case for her to become Vice Chair. In an effort to “help” Deakins.

The last thing the board needs is to continue a confrontational attitude with the funding body and fiscal head of county government (county commission and county mayor) I would hope that the board would make a clean break with it’s leadership, in order to create a working relationship with the funding body and fiscal head of county government. Deakins as Chairman and Kim Sepesi as Vice Chair would be a good clean break.

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Deakins for Chair is a good thing. The School Board needs leadership.