Senate Candidate Briggs Doesn’t Understand TEA Party Members

Just discovered this article from the February 20th Metro Pulse. Of course yours truly is mentioned in the article. Of course, the writer did that to boost her readership. But I digress.

This quote by State Senate candidate Richard Briggs demonstrates that he doesn’t understand Constitutional Conservatives, TEA Party, Evangelical Conservatives etc.

“It’s the old-style Ronald Reagan Republicans versus this new Agenda 21 thing,” Briggs says. “The Tea Party started out with a lot of good ideas, but they’ve turned off a lot of people. If Republicans don’t change, we’re finished as a party of anything other than white middle-aged men. The demographics are shifting…..”

No matter what he and his moderate base want to believe the main issues will be taxes, individual responsibility, sanctity of life and traditional heterosexual marriage.

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2 Responses

  1. jcrippen says:

    I think Dr. Briggs is the one who is sadlly out of touch with his constituents. I am always suspicious of any politican who obviously feels he knows what’s best for the taxpayers and comes across as someone who doesn’t listen very well when the people he represents have a very strong feeling about an issue. The most obvious example of that was the proposed property tax increase for iPads. Polls showed overwhelmingly that taxpayers opposed that boondoggle, but Briggs was seen on television over and over discussing how big an increase in taxes were needed and pondered a sales tax hike as well. Say what you will about Senator Campfield, but I am certain that if a state income tax is ever proposed again, he will be against it, while Dr. Briggs will in his superior manner, decide if its in the public good, despite public opinion, he might have to support it.
    Dr. Briggs’ involvement in getting Craig Leuthold appointed trustee, despite his father being the Brigg’s campaign manager, was for me, the final straw in making my decision to oppose someone so out of touch with the voters. That Dr Briggs saw no conflict in nominating and voting for Leuthold, is reason enough for me to oppose his candicacy for the State Senate or any other elective post.

    • The Shadow says:

      While taking issue with a couple of opinions and decisions of Briggs, there is a growing question of whether Campfield is serving the cause of conservatism or is serving the cause of Campfield.

      Briggs’s professional success as a doctor and his service as a member of the military speaks, I believe, to his conservatism. Campfield’s experience seems to pale in comparison.