Why Pay a Lawyer? When a Personal Phone Call Will Do!

In talking to persons about last weeks post where I responded to a lawyer purported to be representing the Knox County Republican Party Chair. I have explained to numerous people that had the Chair called me after each of the two posts in question, I would have rephrased or tried to clear up any misinterpretation that she had about the posts. The first time that I had any idea that she was upset about two posts was when I received two emails from “her lawyer”.

Several times, I receive a phone call and will update a post. Recently, an official with the TN Republican Party was upset over how he was quoted and or perceived in a post. I updated the post and that update is located here. Even this recent post about the Knox County Republican Chair, I received a call from a Young Republican and updated the story, that reflected the Chairs effort.

When someone runs to and pays a lawyer to issue a demand for correction, retraction and apology. You are setting up an adversarial relationship. My sources do not want to be revealed, just like the sources of the Big Metal Shed, the Shopper News, the Knoxville Focus, any media types or government employees.

I am a Republican delegate within a voting precinct of the county party. My name, mailing address, phone number and email address are in the local party’s database. It isn’t like she couldn’t or can not contact me.

Contact Us: 865-607-1108

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2 Responses

  1. Just Barry says:

    Brian don’t sweat the small stuff, your our go to man with a heart. The Chair is the worst Chair this party has ever had. Her leadership has set this party back to the dark ages. She is better suited for the Girl Scouts as a troop leader than a party chair. Madam Chair go bake some cookies or help down at Longs Drug Store. Makes me sick every time I attend a club meeting and she is introduced. Quit your whining Ruthie, you only here for a short time, ride it out and disappear. If you don’t like being a public servant resign, its that simple.

  2. KnoxReject says:

    She had to flex her imaginary muscle. What a joke we deserve better!