What Is The Back Story? Somewhere In The Middle, I Suppose.

One of the weekly throw away newspapers that has consistently had an op-ed listed by the Publisher as the Publisher’s Position this week takes swipes at the News Sentinel, The Chamber Partnership, Visit Knoxville, Mayor Burchett and Rogero.

It is interesting that one of the criticisms of the Chamber Partnership President is that he didn’t win a countywide election some time ago. But the very Publisher in question was unable to win re-election to a district school board seat in 2000.

I have always been told there is one side, another side and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Is that the case here. I don’t know.

Interesting also that the criticism of the Chamber Partnership President while leading the Public Building Authority in oversight of governmental building projects. However, during his four year term 1996-2000 the Knox County School had a lot of school facilities under construction. The Fulton High, Bearden High and West Valley Middle School projects were built during this time and during my one term on the School Board 2000-2004, I had to get West Valley Middle completed correctly.

As for Visit Knoxville, the Visit Knoxville Board was reconstituted and a lot of staff positions have been reconstituted and new folks hired. So, to be at 5 event signings instead of 10 is probably not to shabby since nearly everyone including the Visit Knoxville Board have been replaced and reconstituted.

Now, that I have posted my thoughts. I guess that I will be portrayed like Publisher Patrick Birmingham as just a spin agent for the incompetence. I have been called worse and have had worse thrown at me.

As a final note, the Publisher supported both Mayor Burchett and supported Mayor Rogero even in the primary. Why is the Publisher not holding their feet to the fire?

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