Today County Commission Took First Step In Examining PBA

Today in work shop session Knox County Commission voted unanimously to ask the Knox County Audit Committee to do a full forensic audit on the PBA dating back to 2005 and on the construction of Hardin Valley Academy High School from start to finish.

Sources indicate that shudders of fear were traveling through the veins of Dale Smith, CEO of the Public Building Authority. He will now have to defend each and every action taken since 2005 and through the HVA construction.

If the votes stick at the Monday’s Commission meeting, PBA will be examined in a way they have NEVER been examined. Sources indicate that Smith spent Monday afternoon calling the PBA Board members and you can bet the Commissioners will be lobbied and promised all the way till the 2:00 p.m. start of the Monday’s Commission meeting.

Commissioner Amy Broyles was absent today. She was absent at last months voting meeting. As has been reported here. She is being paid $37,704.86 per year in taxpayers hard earned dollars and she hasn’t bothered to be an active engaged representative for the Second District. Time for a recall effort, people.

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