Did TWRA Compare Wildlife and/or Practice of Religious Belief to Drugs?

Pastor Andrew Hamblin of Campbell County will not face charges after the Campbell County Grand Jury failed to indict him of the charges TWRA arrested him on for the church he pastors possessing 53snakes on church property.

The Tennessean has an in depth story here.

Here is TWRA’s comment. The tone of disrespect to the action of the Grand Jury speaks volumes.

It makes no difference that a grand jury declined to indict Andrew Hamblin last week; the snakes are contraband, “so we can’t return them,” Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesman Matt Cameron was quoted by the Knoxville News Sentinel as saying.

“If they confiscated drugs from a drug dealer and he was exonerated, he wouldn’t be getting his drugs back,” he said.

Did he just compare illegal drugs to native wildlife of Campbell County? Is he alleging that folks that practice this form of Christianity are in fact the same as drug addicted folk?

Governor Haslam faces reelection this year, he currently faces Gubernatorial opponent Mark “Coonrippy” Brown who had his pet raccoon Rebeka seized by TWRA. Now, he faces the perceived perception of TWRA’s views on a certain group of Christ followers.


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