Jake Mabe Says Stokes is Familiar

My friend Jake Mabe drew the very short straw over at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill’s tool shed aka The Shopper office(s). He drew county government. Last week he wrote about Kristi Davis candidate for Circuit Court Judge Div. I. Mabe is the only one at the “tool sheds” that actually walks the talk about fair coverage. So this week was Billy Stokes turn. Mabe revealed that Stokes was a close advisor and assistant to Governor Don Sundquist. You remember the income tax proposing Governor. He’s been practicing law a long time evidently. Don’t know when they quit practicing and actually do something productive. Cue all the lawyer joke laugh tracks.

Mabe ends with Stokes is familiar. Mabe says sometimes thats easy and sometimes people like fresh faces. Well, lets review one little detail that Mabe probably forgot. Stokes while he is familiar, doesn’t play nice when challenged by ladies. You see back in about 2004 or 2006, he challenged State Representative Jamie Hagood for the State Senate seat of Knox County District 6. It was the nastiest political race Knox County had ever seen and still holds the record. All the nasty coming at Hagood from the Stokes campaign. The familiar got soundly rejected, Stookes gathering between 1/4 to a 1/3 of the votes in a two way contest.

I believe that Kristi Davis is prepared for whatever Stokes wants to throw at her. She is a litigator, she has the experience to be on par with Stokes. She just doesn’t have the dirty political skills that Stokes has and that is a fresh face that Knox County needs.

As always this is my opinion, from my own observation of the people in question.

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