PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the Knox County Republicans

UPDATE: I received a call from a member of the Executive Committee. It seems the electric utility had been climbing fairly high over many years at the 640 Building office for many years. I stepped down as Chair in March 2007. There have been three other chairs since then.

original Post: About a year ago and for the last year the Knox County Republican Party has occupied an office space in the Baum Drive area of West Knoxville. The party first opened a permanent office following the 2004 Presidential election. When Brian Hornback became the Chairman in 2005, the party relocated the office to a handicapped accessible, (the West Knoxville space was NOT handicapped accessible) more economical space near the I-640 and Broadway interchange.

The party had been housed there until about a year ago, when the party moved to the Baum Drive area. Now, that Knox County is on the verge of a May 6, 2014 Republican primary the party has stored all the office furniture and is asking for donated office space.

At the December 2013 West Knox Republican Club Christmas Party, a certain leader of the Knox County Republican Executive Committee asked for office space. Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith indicated he had some space and the leader said that the Executive Committee wants West Knoxville space. At the January 2014 West Knox Republican Club, a certain leader of the Knox County Republican Executive Committee asked again for donated space. Someone asked if North Knoxville businessman and one term School Board Member Steve Hunley didn’t have some space. It was reiterated again, the committee is looking for West Knoxville office space.

So, if you know of some office space in WEST KNOXVILLE that can be secured as donated. Leave the information in the comment section. Nearly all the Knox County Republican Executive Committee reads this website. They will see your suggestions and we may be able to find a location for the currently office less Republican Party.

Visit here for the location nearest YOU

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2 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    I have a single office in Northwest Knox. Karns to be exact

  2. Knoxcountyreject says:

    I think we should move the office to morgue because that’s where Ruthie and Buddy have run the party into. And yes I’m calling you out Buddy you could and should have put a stop to her a long time ago. Grow some …..