WBIR – Thank You for the Preview!

Between Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy this evening, WBIR cut in on the live taping of Inside TN. The guest is Mayoral Candidate Madeline Rogero. The Moderator is John Becker, WBIR Anchor. The panel is made up of Criminal Defense Attorney Don Bosch on the far left, Susan Williams in the middle and Jack McElroy sitting next to Becker.
Rogero was talking about being a Democrat and how although she was a Democrat when she served on County Commission the votes were never Democrat or Republican. The question was asked by Bosch if she could win 50% plus 1 in the primary thus avoiding a run-off. She said they would have to wait and see.

I called WBIR and asked if they knew it. They said they did and was working on it. I thanked them for the preview and said I may have to blog, she said Thaaaanks!

It’s all good.

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