BrianHornback.Com Proposes an Office Solution for the Knox County Republican Party

Several years ago (I believe when Sue Methvin was Knox County Republican Chair) the Knox County Republican Party had community satellite offices. I remember that Mrs. Trula Mugford who owned Mugford Realty hosting the South Office of the Knox County Republican Party. As I recall, Mrs. Mugford allowed a table in her office to have Republican candidate material and yard signs stacked in a corner of her office.

A 2014 version would be a business or business owner to donate an area of their business that would allow all Republican candidates (regardless of favorites) to place their material in the business. A countywide point person could be First Vice Chairman Buddy Burkhardt to work with the businesses and coordinating the material drops and fulfillment. Burkhardt could produce press releases and media advisories of the community satellite office locations.

I would call this ‘taking the party to the community’ initiative.

One such example may be a Northwest Knox County office on Oak Ridge Highway in Karns at Roger Kane Insurance. Obviously, Mr. Kane is a State Representative so he would be impartial to all candidates.

I present this satellite idea as a win win proposal to assist the party. I hope the party accepts it as it is intended, to be helpful.


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2 Responses

  1. Knoxvcountyreject says:

    I think this is a great idea! You mention that as a state rep that Roger should be nutreal and I honestly thinking that he would be. I can tell you that according to the state GOP bylaws their are several positions that are saposed to nutral during a contested primary, that includes all of the counties executive board including the chair (no matter who her General is) the others are the members of the chartered yoni republicans and women’s republicans. Now let’s be honest for a moment. How many times have we seen the county GOP chair endorsing people? I saw a tweet tonight that sums that up. How many times have we seen the YRs “encouraged” to support someone? It happens more than most of you probably know. I hate how this county GOP as a whole has become the laughing stock of east Tn if not the whole state. I think it’s time for hope and change. Get it? Change is on the way! Impeach the entire executive board!

  2. hotelman says:

    One satellite office could be in Herb “frivolous lawsuit” Moncier’s office. That would save the current chair some commuting time.