The Burchett Model of Drink One Beer Expands West

The Wilson County School Superintendent after one year on the job will seek early retirement and depart his position. This comes after the School Board met with their Attorney on a Sunday behind closed doors. Read the post from January 19, 2014 here.

It seems the Tim Burchett model for an employee drinking one beer and then resigning is catching on. However, it is a policy that is not administered in a consistent basis as there are others on Burchett’s staff that have reportedly done the same, but are still employed. All eyes, ears and noses are on it. When will the next one be publicly exposed? Cause surely Burchett would be consistent? Right? I digress.

I other news, I have contacted Burchett (via text) twice asking for an explanation for the George Bove appointment to the LCUB Board. Nothing. I contacted his Communications Manager by text and no response. I guess they believe they can contact bloggers and get info on others, but avoids commenting on issue(s) they believe will be negative on the Mayor.

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