Barry Hawkins Announces Candidacy for Knox County Trustee

Barry Hawkins announced today his intent to become the next Knox County Trustee. With seventeen years of experience in the Knox County Trustee office, Mr. Hawkins has a clear understanding of the waste and tax burdens placed on the citizens of Knox County. As a husband and father of three young children he knows that every penny counts in today’s economy.

Barry Hawkins, candidate for Knox County Trustee

Barry Hawkins, candidate for Knox County Trustee

Compared to other East Tennessee counties, the Knox County Trustee office is over staffed by 50% and costing tax payers millions of dollars that should be used for schools and public safety programs instead of funding political agendas. The current Knox County Trustee, Craig Leuthold, has clearly shown disregard for the tax payers of Knox County. The current Knox County Trustee was appointed to this office by the Knox County Commission, not the people.

Knox County Trustee 40 Employees
Hamilton County Trustee’s Office 15 employees
Metro Government of Nashville/ Davidson County Trustee’s office 22 employees

I promise to staff the Trustee’s office comparable to Hamilton and Davidson Counties.

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