Dr. Briggs in the Middle of the Road. He wants to be all things to Liberals and Conservatives

Over on KnoxViews Randy Neal asked this question of State Senator Stacey Campfield’s opponent about TN expanding the Affordable Care Act. Of course the liberals on knoxviews want him to create/expand but his voter base wants him to stay the course with Gov. Haslam.

How does Briggs answer? Right in the middle, he wants to be Gloria Johnson to one voter base and Senator Campfield on the other. So, the Commissioner with a reputation as a flip flopper is now just dodging the cars in the middle of the road. LOOOK OUT!!!!!

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1 Response

  1. When will they learn? says:

    When libs cried about Briggs supporting property rights on Hillside and Ridgetop Briggs screwed businesses with the sign ordinance. On Westland Cove he voted against the development but told the developer it was because of the election. He really liked the project. He is like a metronome. Back and forth, back and forth. Get that man a saddle so he doesn’t hurt his tush while riding that fence. When a man is all things to everyone, he ends up being nothing to nobody.