Is School Board Candidate Shepherd Really That Uninformed

Knox County Sixth District School Board Candidate Tamara Shepherd went over to KnoxViews and posted this. Shepherd notes that Patti Lou Bounds wins her School Board by default. There is NO such default election. The primary must be held and Bounds must receive a majority of the votes in May and in August. If Shepherd is as unaware of the election process. Is she really ready for a School Board position? I would say based on her posting today, NO.

Bob Thomas for Commission

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3 Responses

  1. Sam S says:

    I come to this site for news, but is this news? In your previous article you stated “this leaves Patti Lou Bounds unopposed. Congratulations Mrs. Bounds and the Seventh District.” Does this mean you are any more credible then the people write about. By your own standards you should retract your congratulatory statement, apologize for misleading the public, and state that the race is still up for grabs. It sounds like you have a grudge to pick. I can turn to FaceBook for better gossip.

  2. When will they learn? says:

    Sam, Unopposed is not the same as a default winner. Tamara loves to correct others grammar and spelling. You ask her what time it is, she tells you how to build a clock. The point was Tamara Shepherd is very precise, except of course when she isn’t. I think this post was about her superior attitude. For such an authoritarian supposed expert, Tamara makes a lot of mistakes. A lot of people gave her the benefit of the doubt in this election, but that attitude is still an issue.

    • Sam says:

      Everyone makes mistakes. That’s the basis of learning and you learn fast after you’ve made one. The articles that I read here and on on other sites stated: “this paves the ways for Mrs. Bounds” and “congratulations Mrs. Bounds and the 7th District.” I would not call it a mistake because everyone was saying the same thing, you just made it a point to make a play on the semantics of the grammer. We can agree to disagree, but to your credit or discredit, if your going to make news, make it news worthy. I assume you are Mr. Hornback because you requested my name and number, and I will continue read and comment on your site, which I check daily. I wish all the candidates the best of luck and success, but I also want as you stated, someone who is precise and an expert.