They Were Once Buds, Deathstar Made Them Feuding Buds

This evenings News Sentinel has this story of two buds that were once close. Interim Administrator of Elections Scott Frith apparently according to his one time bud, former Administrator of Elections Greg Mackay was making inappropriate talk with a couple of college interns. So, when the Election Commission booted Mackay and placed Frith in as Interim, it evidently was important to bring Frith up to speed by Human Resources. Frith’s response, shred the document. Probably because if he doesn’t see it, it doesn’t exist. His response is disturbing. It is an indication of what he may do if he doesn’t like a voter registration form or some other important document. What will he do? Shred it!

Tomorrow’s meeting should be interesting since Election Commission Member Robert L. (Bob) Bowman is representing a female for a sexual harassment case in Campbell County School System, as reported here.

It is so sad to see one time buds turn on each other like these two are doing. It is almost as if entering the Deathstar has made two once time buds now feuding buds.

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