McCroskey Supports Leuthold with Cold Campaign Cash

Trustee candidate Craig Leuthold when faced with a job elimination in the Trustees Office went down a couple of floors to his crony Black Wednesday County Commissioner bud/pal Phil Ballard. Then when the unfortunate happened to Trustee Duncan, the cronies got Leuthold back up two floors.

Now, he is in the fight of his life facing Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneur Barry Hawkins and Former Banking/Railroad Owner and County Commissioner Ed Shouse. He is so locked in the fight of his life that he has resorted to accepting $500 from Current Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey.

For those in the Westland Drive/Emory Church Road either supporting or opposing Westland Cove. Leuthold accepted $500 from the opposition lawyer Wayne Kline and $200 from developer and proponent John Huber.

It appears former appointed Black Wednesday Commissioner Jack Huddleston is putting a bunch of signs up having contributed in-kind $950 in metal poles for signs.

Vote Hawkins Trustee

Elect Ed Shouse Here

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well as my Old Pap used to say ” Ya got you a real dumb ass there don’t ya!” The entire crew should have used the metal poles to build a jail to house these crooked tyrants. I have said it once, and I will say it again, these people are so crooked that if they swallowed a ten penny nail, they would shit a screw. Dear Lord Sister Agnes Craig are you just dumb or just don’t care at this point. I know that your hard up for cash, really feller a $12,000.00 loan from your sibling????? If you were candidate worthy the contributions wouldn’t be hard to come by. This contribution from Lulu just made the connection as obvious as Gerald Turners bald head. HUNLITIZED…. This family tree does not fork, Ballard, Leuthold and McCroskey. I am making my predictions today and if the rest of the Knox County will read these words we can clean up Knox County government for the first time.

    Elmer is more predictable than the Sentinel or the Lie Paper out near the Duck Pond.

    Winner Shouse
    Second Hawkins
    Third Leuthold

    Winner Jones ” you still owe me a ride in that Mustang”
    Second Waggoner
    Third Hammitt

    Register of Deeds
    Winner Witt
    There is no need to mention a second

    County Commission At Large
    Winner Carringer
    Second Brantley

    Criminal Court Clerk
    Winner Hammond
    Second Williams
    Third Hunnicutt

    The rest I just don’t give two shits either way as at my age I stay out of trouble with the exception of a little tonic for my artificial headaches. People my mailbox was flooded with political ads yesterday and I am sure the TV will light up like a Christmas tree with commercials.

    Seen the Lie Paper endorsed Hunnicutt and JJ on the front page, Hunley you finally got one right, JJ will be the Sheriff, but don’t take credit for it the good always wins. Hunley when are you going to learn your as predictable as a constipation after eating a block of commodity cheese. And by looking at the size of that belly of yours it looks like you could use Exlax every day. This is going to be one great election as I just can’t wait to see the mud start to sling as the tits are limited and several refuse to let go. Lulu are you going to dole out some more money old Gal? Lets see who’s campaign you can sink today, try donating some money to Janice and her retirement party, that old prune will have to be rolled out the door in that high priced chair, she has occupied that space since Mamie and Dwight were young pups. As my good friend J Bazel used to say, “aint that wright Lady Mull” thats right…