Should Leuthold Have Received His Unused Comp and Sick Time? Should he Repay?

UPDATE: It would appear that the Black Wednesday County Commissioner Pals Craig Leuthold and Phil Ballard played the system. The Trustee office runs as a fee office like the Criminal Court Clerks Office. The Property Assessors Office operates off the Knox County HR Payroll system. When Leuthold was shown the door by the previous Trustee (Good call John III) he should have cashed out with the Trustee office and NOT allowed to roll his unused time into Knox County’s unused time. These are some serious questions that need answers. But don’t expect answers to come from Philip’s pals in the Knox County Law Department. It will have to come from the men and ladies in suits that either have the letters TBI or FBI on their business cards.

Original Post: Joy McCroskey is being told that she can not receive any comp or unused leave time pay since she became the Criminal Court Clerk in 2008 as officeholders are not eligible to receive comp or leave. As I recall, Former Trustee was not allowed to get his regular county employee leave time because he didn’t ask for it in a timely manner.

So, that brings up Trustee Craig Leuthold. He was appointed on a Monday in July 2013. He was immediately sworn in as Trustee. At that point after being sworn in he was an officeholder. He went to his Black Wednesday County Commissioner pal/bud Phil Ballard and he authorized a payment to another officeholder. Based on the counties earlier positions with Sisk and McCroskey, Leuthold should be required to refund his payment to the taxpayers of Knox County. What say you?

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3 Responses

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Now this is just the icing on the damn cake folks. This bunch of idiots actually believe they are entitled to just steal right before your eyes. Throw his sorry ass in jail tomorrow! Phil Ballard you should be ashamed to even walk in the building. You couldn’t even put your own daughter on birth control, but can approve money that Craig was not entitled to. John the third was prosecuted for less money than this. Randy Nichols get off your ass and do something about it! The audit may have come back clean but employee theft is not part of the audit process. Phyllis Severence you were made out to look like an idiot! These people are just what I call thieves. Larry Smith hop your sorry ass on the ride to glory land of used up politicians and let’s see you use your last bit of influence to put both Phil and Craig out of office. Break your neck to tattle of these two, as I am sure you will be as silent as a hot fart from a catholic priest. Phil I would not sit near front at church on Sunday as lightening will tots your ass and poor Cindy can’t bear another bad hair do. Cindy you need to buy the first clue and leave his cheating sorry ass today. I am so ready to swat some asses and Phil and Craig orange jumpsuits in the detention center are not the symbol of a Vol fan.

  2. Steve says:

    Check out Jim Berrier for our next Knox County trustee. He isn’t a career politician and has the experience necessary for the position. Even if he is a democrat, the trustee position shouldn’t be partisan anyways.

  3. BHornback says:

    Steve, beginning on May 7, this websites focus will immediately move to the August 7 election. The winner of the May 6 Republican primary -vs- Mr.Berrier. So stay tuned