General Sessions Court Judge Patricia Hall Long is Off to a Fast Start

Knox County General Sessions Judge Patricia Hall Long is unopposed in the May 6, 2014 Republican Primary. She is being challenged in the August 7, 2014 Knox County General Election by Democrat Attorney George T. Underwood. On March 26, Judge Long had a campaign reception with more than 175 on the host list.

On Thursday May 1, 2014 she will have a Meet & Greet out at Litton’s in North Knoxville. Check out the Long website, here. Sign up to help, contribute or just send an email letting the campaign know that you will put up a yard sign or put a sticker on your car or truck.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    I am so sorry I missed this post as seldom do I have favorable comments befitting such a fine lady I am pleased to call “Her Honor”. As a proud father-in-law of an attorney I have to admire this candidate. Her smile enlightens a room full of crooners passing out party favors, buttons, fountain pens, balloons and such as that. This lady is sweeter than sour wood honey and smart as tack. Now don’t get me wrong this County has the finest Judges in the State. Some long winded but simply necessary to make even the sorriest looser in a case feel important. From the message of “splitting the baby” to “you might want to step outside to settle this matter”, our royal fleet of Judges are top notch.

    But this one is outstanding. And no its not just because she gave an old feller like me a new false teeth cup, she took time out of her evening to ask for my vote. Even Miss Emily who is silent regarding politics (publicly), said what a sweet smile this gal has. Now let me tell you about Miss Emily… I cannot hold a candle to one of her hen parties on Tuesday afternoons, those ladies either chew you up like half priced ground round from Cas Walkers or talk you up higher than price of gas since Obama came along.

    This family which has an attorney in the immediate family, which I might add graduated from Harvard, appreciates the hard work that goes into the campaign of a Judge. I remember driving my 1959 Packard in the parade hauling around my late friend John Duncan, Sr. You see folks old Elmer knows what good government is all about, even from years ago. Hell far and damnation I remember the days silver dollars and a pint of whiskey swayed votes. Myself and my belated friend Ralph Watson used to ride the political circuit, sometimes getting into mischief hoping Wanda never found out.

    Please pull the lever for this fine young lady and allow her to continue to be part of the Judicial fleet. Its worth it just to shake her hand and let her know she is appreciated. Come on out to Litton’s as the french fries and red velvet cake are enough for your tongue to slap your brain trying to get another bite.